Supporting Los Angeles-based Good Works Since 1949


Before applying for a grant, please take a moment to review the eligibility guidelines below. You may also want to review Grant Criteria before filling out an online Grant Application for your organization. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Eligibility Guidelines

REGISTERED NON-PROFIT STATUS – Only organizations that are currently registered as section 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service will be considered. 

INELIGIBLE GRANT REQUESTS – Grant requests are not considered for publishing of books, television or radio programs or production, travel funds, advertisement, individual scholarship, political purposes in any form, or endowments. 

LOCATION – Funding is generally limited to Los Angeles and adjacent surrounding areas. In some instances, Los Angeles programs of organizations headquartered elsewhere may be funded.

ANNUAL GRANT APPLICATION – Organizations may only apply once a year. Applications should be sent two months prior to the month when your organization’s application was last put before the Board.


NEW: THEMATIC AREAS OF FUNDING: Starting in 2018, the Board of Directors will consider requests by thematic areas of funding. Please review the list below to determine which month most closely matches the theme of your organization’s work and note the corresponding application deadline.

January themes: Evangelism and Prayer, Eldercare (application deadline, December 15)

 February themes: Youth Programs, Youth Welfare (application deadline, January 15) 

March themes: Mentoring, Counseling, Catholic High School Education (application deadline, February 7)

April themes: Camperships (application deadline, February 23) 

                             Multi-Service, Illness, Senior Assistance (application deadline, March 8)

May themes: Shelter, Pregnancy and Life, Physically Challenged (application deadline, April 6) 

June themes: Hunger, Literacy, Catholic Elementary Education (application deadline, May 11)

August themes: Job training, Medicine (application deadline, July 1)

October themes: Volunteerism, Catholic University Education, Detention Ministry, Research (application deadline,
                                     August 15) 

December themes: Support for the Religious, Seminaries, Chaplains (application deadline, October 15)