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Applications, Thematic Areas of Funding and Deadlines

Note: The deadline for the 2021 Application has passed. The 2022 Grant Program and Campership Applications are now available. The 2022 Capital Application will be available soon. Our website is currently undergoing an update. If you have any troubles with links or questions about the application, please email us at

When starting the application process, please review the important information below.


There are three different application options available.

To PREVIEW a sample application, click the appropriate link in the description below. 

To START an application, please click the link at the bottom of the page. If you start an application in error, please see “Abandoning an Application” in Information and Tips below.

  1. Grant Program: Select for Programs, Projects or for General Operating. Application due dates vary based on the thematic area of funding, below. 
    Preview a sample Grant Program Application »
  2. Campership Application: Select for summer camp scholarships. Campership requests are reviewed annually in April. The application deadline is February 22, but applicants may submit as early as December to meet the application deadline.
    Preview a sample Campership Application »
  3. Capital Application: Select for Construction or Technology Projects over $50,000. Funding may not be requested for endowments. 
    Please note: The Foundation seldom participates in capital campaigns, and then only with organizations with whom the Foundation has had a long relationship. Capital requests are considered annually in October with decisions communicated before the end of the year. Applications should be submitted by August 1. Coming soon.

Thematic Areas of Funding and Deadlines

The Board of Directors considers requests by Thematic Areas of Funding. Please review the list below to determine which month most closely matches the theme of your organization’s work or request, then note the corresponding application deadline.

  • January themes: Elementary, Eldercare, Evangelism and Prayer, Parish Ministries (application deadline December 6)
  • February themes: High Schools, Youth Programs, Youth Welfare (application deadline January 17
  • March themes: Counseling, Mentoring (application deadline February 7)
  • April themes: Comprehensive Community Programs, Illness, Senior Assistance (application deadline March 8) and Camperships (application deadline February 22)
  • May themes: Pregnancy and Life, Supportive Housing Services (application deadline April 6
  • June themes: Food Security, People with Disabilities (application deadline May 11)
  • August themes: Free and Low-Cost Care, Job Training (application deadline July 1)
  • October themes: Restorative Justice, University, Volunteerism (application deadline August 15) and Capital Requests (application deadline August 1)
    Note: The Foundation seldom participates in capital campaigns, and then only with organizations with whom the Foundation has had a long relationship.
  • December themes: Chaplains, Seminaries, Support for the Religious (application deadline October 17)

Information and Tips

Thematic Areas of Funding, Deadlines, Eligibility and Criteria: Please see above to identify which month most closely matches the theme of your organization’s work and note the corresponding application deadline. Review Eligibility and Criteria to confirm qualifications for application. 

Dates and Notification:  Applications are reviewed by the Board the last Friday of the month, with exceptions due to holiday conflicts. The Board does not meet in July, September, or November. The grant review process can take up to three months, then applicants are notified in writing after the Board’s decision. 

Site Visits: Site visits are a regular part of the evaluation process. An applicant may be contacted by Foundation staff to arrange a visit that may last about an hour.

Saving a Draft: Work is automatically saved every 20 minutes but may also be saved manually by clicking “Save as Draft” at the bottom of the application page. “Save As Draft” allows applicants to log off and log back in to continue working later.

Abandoning an Application: To withdraw an application, please email with the name of your organization, the name of the application you wish to abandon and leave message stating that you wish to withdraw your submission.  Applications left in draft for over 60 days will automatically be abandoned.

Document Upload Tips:

  • Finalizing upload: Documents will not appear as uploaded until the “Save” button is clicked.
  • File Size: There are size limitations to documents for uploads. The document maximum size is specified near the upload button. Document size can be decreased by removing pictures/graphics before uploading.
  • Deleting or Replacing Uploads: To change/replace an upload, click “Upload,” then “Browse” and choose the new upload, then click “Save.” The old document will be overwritten. 
  • Uploading multiple documents: Only one document upload is allowed per question. If you have multiple files, combine them into one document before uploading.
  • Formatting: PDF is the recommended file format, although Word or Excel may also be uploaded.

Questions: For questions, please contact us.


If you have any feedback (positive or negative) you can review the Foundation at: