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President’s Welcome 2018

This past year, our dear friend and fellow board member, Austin Gavin, passed away. Austin served on the Doheny Board for over 40 years. During this time our assets grew from $33 Million to $180 Million. It was important for us to grow in our understanding of the community needs and become more creative in our outreach. Austin was an important part of this process. Today we are involved in all levels of Education, Medical Research, Shelters, Clinics, and After School Programs, that assist the poor and underserved. He helped us to keep our focus on Mrs. Doheny’s wishes. Austin was a special gift to us all and he will be greatly missed.

In 2017 we received over 500 Grant requests. We were able to provide over $8,400,000 in Grants to 275 service providers. Of these grants, 82% went to agencies serving the Poor, 62% went to Education, and 17% for Medical services. Over 80% had leadership that shared its Catholic, Christian, and/or Faith-Based values. All are making valuable contributions to our communities

As Board members, we are reminded to keep the focus and heart of Mrs. Doheny in our evaluations. On-site visits with our staff help us to better appreciate and understand those we serve. It is special for us to see the academic progress at our inner city Parochial schools and meet their wonderful teachers, to see activities and study rooms at after-school programs like Proyecto Pastoral, or lunch at Home Girl Café, a part of Fr. Greg Boyle’s Homeboy Industries. Our visits bring us to places like the House of Ruth, Union Rescue Mission, and Las Familias del Pueblo, which provide services for mothers and families, many who have lived on our streets. We are able to help bring people and services together in other ways, through Food Banks, Prison Ministries, Summer Camps, and Meals on Wheels with their many volunteers.

On our website, we have included a short biography about Mrs. Doheny and also have listed many of the charities we serve. I hope this is helpful for you to better understand our outreach as well as be challenged to consider ways to be personally involved. There are many opportunities for each of us to make a difference

Very truly,
Robert A Smith III