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President’s Welcome 2021

This past year was challenging in ways we never have seen before. The first quarter we saw a drop in our Endowment of 15% ($30 million). In mid March, we moved from our office to our homes. Virtual meetings, virtual site visits, and new procedures for paying our bills, grants, and payrolls along with other things had to change and change quickly. Nina, Pam, Catherine, and Lisa did a remarkable job in this transition. By the end of the month, we were able have our March meeting on our computers at home. As the year progressed, we saw the financial markets rebound and by the end of July we were back to where the year began. These markets would continue to rise through the end of the year.

During this time the jobless rate climbed. The people we serve were hit the hardest. The Parochial Schools in our inner city saw their tuitions and Church collections drop considerably. Classes became virtual and students needed ipads, internet capacity, etc. Teachers were learning effective ways to teach, monitor, and assist young students at home. Shelters and food banks scrambled to meet the needs of this struggling population. As a Board we worked to better understand these changing needs, how we could serve and encourage others to respond.

In her directives to our Board, Mrs. Doheny asked us to help the Poor and Underserved with Love and Value based responses. We continue in this mission to assist and empower through our Churches, Schools, Shelters, and Outreach centers that help meet this challenge in these difficult times. On this website we publish each year the names of our grantees.

Going into 2021, we are hopeful the pandemic will slow down and stop its damaging effects and allow businesses to open fully and jobs return. We will continue to look for ways to better meet those we assist. Personally, I’m grateful for our staff and board as we work together is this mission before us.

Thank you,
Robert A Smith III