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Financial Review

Statements of Consolidated Financial Position
Cash & Cash Equivalents $296,152$201,774
Investment-Related Receivables3,401,764110,045
Property and Equipment (Net)4,9838,127
Right of Use Asset (Net)1,497,745
Prepaid Expenses & Other Assets91,15937,389
Total Assets186,755,447164,339,305
Liabilities & Net Assets
Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses$21,262$61,971
Grants Payable (Net)1,740,6572,880,160
Deferred Excise Tax Liability311,8055,229
Lease Liability1,677,411
Total Liabilities3,751,1352,947,360
Net Assets:
Without Donor Restrictions179,591,155158,406,945
With Donor Restrictions3,413,1572,985,000
Total Net Assets183,004,312161,391,945
Total Liabilities and Net Assets$186,755,447$164,339,305
Consolidated Statement of Activities
Revenues and Gains (Losses)20192018
Net Assets – Beginning of Year:161,391,945184,552,265
Net Assets – End of Year:183,004,312161,391,945
Investment Return (Net)30,175,241(12,346,069)
Other Income3,582
Total Revenues and Gains (Losses)30,178,823(12,346,069)
Program Services7,926,57510,606,717
Management and General639,881207,534
Total Expenses8,566,45610,814,251
Change in Net Assets21,612,367-23,160,320