The 2010s

Early on, the Foundation funded mental health providers, including partners who provided counseling services at Catholic elementary and high schools. The Foundation launched a Counseling Program in 2018 to increase the availability of counseling services at Doheny partner Catholic elementary schools, recognizing that students, teachers, principals, and parents needed additional mental and emotional support.

The mission of the Counseling Program is to invest in students to stem the tide of hopelessness and build resilient, confident individuals who can succeed in life. School-based counseling has delivered meaningful results with gains in academic achievement, emotional stability, and overall student well-being.

St. Odilia Elementary Students taking a well-deserved break.
Students at St. Odilia Elementary School enjoy a sunny afternoon.

The Foundation has funded children’s mental health services at Wellnest, formerly known as LA Children’s Guidance, since the early 1960s. In the late 1980s the Foundation began funding more counseling programs, including Valley Family Center. These programs support comprehensive mental health services for at-risk youth.

A mother and her children attend a group counseling session.
A young girl receives care at a health and wellness center.
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