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Journey House

Journey House provides services for former foster youth in housing, education, employment, and independent living counseling. The primary focus is to help youth live successful and independent lives though getting their education. Whether they are attending trade schools or universities or they are thinking about going to school, program participants receive support and resources based on their individual needs.

Journey House is based on the readings of St. John Baptist De La Salle, Founder of the Christian Brothers, who strove to provide an educational ministry for poor youth in France during the 17th century and to create schools that would improve their lives. 

Journey House student at graduation

Founder and Executive Director Brother Timothy Mayworm began serving as a Catholic Chaplain for the Los Angeles County Probation Department in 1977. In March of 1983, Brother Tim opened Journey House, as a six-bed group home. In 2008 Journey House transitioned into a service-based organization for former foster youth and continues to facilitate new ways of helping former foster youth transition to successful independence.

Doheny has been funding the wonderful work of Journey House since 2013. We find alignment in the faith-based founding of the organization and the work they do to uplift vulnerable individuals and families.

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