Servant Sisters of Mary

Servant Sisters of Mary, Ministers to the Sick

“I was sick, and you visited me”

Matthew 25:36

The Servant Sisters of Mary, Ministers to the Sick, live out this message every day in their vocations. Their mission is to take care of the ill and elderly day and night, which allows the patients to live out their earthly lives in the comfort of their own homes. Founded on August 15, 1851, by Saint Mary Soledad Torres, in Madrid, Spain the Sisters arrived in Los Angeles in 1928 due to the generosity of Mr. Lee Sedgwick.

The Sisters provide diligent nursing care: solicitous, total dedication to the patient, highly regarding their human dignity. The service the Sisters provide is preferably in the homes of the sick. Donations are accepted but there is no charge to patients. Carrie Estelle Doheny funded the Sisters during her lifetime. The Doheny Foundation has been supporting Servants of Mary, Ministers to the Sick since 1962, so that they may take care of the elderly, ill, and bedridden free of charge with dignity and grace.

Servant Sisters of Mary caring for patient in bed

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