Supporting Los Angeles-based Good Works Since 1949

Eligibility and Criteria

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Registered Non-Profit Status:
    Only organizations that are currently registered as section 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service will be considered. 
  • Ineligible Grant Requests:
    Grant requests are not considered for publishing of books, television or radio programs or production, travel funds, advertisement, individual scholarship, political purposes in any form, or endowments. 
  • Location: 
    Funding is generally limited to Los Angeles and adjacent surrounding areas. In some instances, Los Angeles programs of organizations headquartered elsewhere may be funded.
  • Annual Grant Application:
    Organizations may only apply once a year. Returning organizations may apply after the grant report from the previous grant has been submitted, three months before the anniversary of grant funding.
  • Thematic Areas of Funding:
    The Board of Directors reviews requests by Thematic Areas of Funding. To review these areas and corresponding deadlines or to preview an application, go to the Application page.

Questions: For questions, please contact us.


The Foundation funds approximately 300 organizations per year. The majority of these organizations have had a relationship with the Foundation for more than 10 years and are well-aligned with Mrs. Doheny’s mission and mandate. Organizations that apply for funding must reflect this mission and mandate and fall within the five areas of funding outlined by Mrs. Doheny: Education, Medicine, Religion, Health and Welfare, and Aid to Those in Need.

Please see Mission and Mandate for more information »