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Claris Health was founded in 1976 by Loretta Dunbar and other women at St. Monica Church to equip and care for individuals and their families before, during and after pregnancy and sexual-health choices. Over the past 47 years, Claris Health has grown from a counseling center to an accredited primary care medical clinic providing integrated medical, mental health, and support services to communities often lacking access to quality care.

With two medical clinics, Claris Health provides free and low-cost medical care to moms and families in the communities they serve. Additionally, education, therapy, support groups and resources are available to help families navigate through pregnancy and parenting. Their mobile clinic travels directly to communities in need.

The Doheny Foundation has partnered with Claris Health since 2005 and proudly supports their work in providing life-affirming resources in the greater West and South Los Angeles communities.

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