Supporting Los Angeles-based Good Works Since 1949

Portraits of Giving

Little Sisters of the Poor

Improving Health & Welfare

The Little Sisters of the Poor have served low asset and low income elderly in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for 94 years. Their San Pedro facility provides residential, assisted living and skilled nursing care for 90 residents. The Little Sisters provide life-long security and care for the elderly in a home-like setting. Thoughtful attention, spiritual support and appropriate medical care without regard to ethnic or religious background surround each resident. more

Doheny Eye Institute

Advancing Medicine

The Doheny Eye Institute continues as a leading center of innovation in the research and treatment of eyes, maintaining its top-10 rank among education, research, and patient care programs, as recognized by U.S. News & World Report and Ophthalmology Times. The board and faculty at the Institute have a deep commitment to Mrs. Doheny’s original mandate “…to further the conservation, improvement, and restoration of human eyesight.” more

Outreach Concern

Improving Health & Welfare

Outreach Concern is a non-profit that provides in-school counseling services to help address students’ emotional issues that are barrier to their academic success. The Doheny Foundation proudly supports the work of Outreach Concern in a growing number of Catholic elementary schools and high schools in the Los Angeles area. more

Union Rescue Mission

Aid to Those in Need

Union Rescue Mission has served tens of thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness on LA’s Skid Row with compassion and understanding. The Doheny Foundation is committed to the organization’s faith-based mission to give the individuals and families they serve “hope and healing for a changed life – helping them find their way home.” more

Office of Restorative Justice

Advancing Religion

Since 1994, the Doheny Foundation has supported efforts through the Office of Restorative Justice within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. These men and women counsel prisoners and their families, as well as victims of violent crime, to help them heal and move forward with love. Currently, the Foundation funds having a Catholic chaplain in the LA County Men’s Prison. more

The Foundation partnered with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation in 2012 to create a comprehensive marketing initiative resulting in new websites for 36 inner-city Catholic schools. Principals are reporting that the websites are helping to recruit new families and inform funders about their important mission to educate students in under-served areas. more